"The paradox of the successful, worldly conductor, who makes the centuries-old world of classical music accessible, and the intimate composer feels rather like standing on a delicately balanced pile of rocks. And staying there until the rehearsals are concluded and the concert is about to begin. The conductor goes on stage and moves in front of the orchestra. He lifts his hands in the air... ready to embody music."

In his documentary 'Brossé' , Jacques Servaes gives us a behind-the-scenes
look at the day-to-day life of conductor and composer, Dirk Brossé.

DIRECTOR Jacques Servaes PRODUCER Katleen Goossens
EDITOR Els Voorspoels MUSIC Dirk Brossé
dialogue Dutch & English - subtitles English/French/Dutch - audio 5.1 surround - duration 77 minutes


As a composer of concert and film music as well as musicals, Dirk Brossé is engaged in a world of glamour - reception drinks, interviews, media attention...
As chief conductor of the Philadelphia Chamber Orchestra he is involved in all which comes with it, including conducting the American national anthem in a crowded baseball park and throwing in the first ball under loud cheering by the crowd. As conductor of the international Star Wars Tour, he performs at huge venues in a rock event-like atmosphere, turning himself inside out for one more last choir rehearsal.


Jacques Servaes is a highly experienced director who has established a solid reputation for making quality documentaries which are lifted onto a higher level in merging music and image. He graduated as a film director at the Brussels RITCS film school. After working as a free-lance reporter, he started working as assistant director in film and theatre. The logical next step was to start directing stage productions and musicals as well as short films and television.


I’ve always found it fascinating to work with a variety of music types, genres and styles and as a result, I spent a lot of time capturing live concerts and opera performances, making music videos and dance films. The dramatic marriage of image and sound is and will remain magical and will never cease to provide superb material for filmmaking. Whenever the combination is good, the film will become tangible: you can almost smell and touch it.