Jacques Servaes is a highly experienced director who has established a solid reputation for making quality documentaries which are lifted onto a higher level in merging music and image. He graduated as a film director at the Brussels RITCS film school. After working as a free-lance reporter, he started working as assistant director in film and theatre. The logical next step was to start directing stage productions and musicals as well as short films and television.

His entire career can be characterized by a constant involvement of music in film:

- TV-documentaries about problems of youngsters, ranging from a film about a drug rehabilitation farm to a film about the Werchter Rock Festival.
- a series of dramatized portraits in which rock singers (re)enact their own life.
- capturing contemporary opera and music theatre performances, including “Les Noces” (Strawinsky), “Jacob Lenz” (Wolfgang Rihm), “Antigone” (Luc Brewaeys); “GA.N” (Frank Nuyts). He also directed a Rossini music video.
- Dance videos  with contemporary choreographers and composers, made especially for camera.
- “La Soledad de America Latina” (Dirk Brossé, Garcia Marquez), a mix of concert and documentary.
- TV documentary series about contemporary Flemish composers, including André Laporte, Frédéric Devreese, Frits Celis and Willem Kersters.
- Creative documentaries on opera productions and performances (La Bohème, Idomeneo, Orfeo).

Apart from that, he also made TV reports for “Histories”, “Publiek Geheim” and “Panorama”.